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[gone] MEXICO

[gone] Mexico, the first series of the [gone] Project, is the result of a month of travelling from the Yucatan region to Oaxaca, where the two photographers explore the complex and dynamic aspects of collaborating, which in photography dates back to the late 1970s, when artists such as Fischli and Weiss dedicated their artistic careers to discovering the different aspects of collaboration.


Fugger and Pimenta explore the intimate ‘face-a-face’ encounter through their lenses by sidestepping the semiotic stereotype of Mexican traditional culture and bringing significant curatorial endeavor to the project. By questioning their relationship, acknowledging their differences and allowing a visual dialogue between them.


The series offers a reflection of the volatile nature of borders and cultures while providing a seamless journey through unknown grounds with emotional intensity and an awe to spirituality. The fragmentary nature of the series, its concentration into micro-narratives lays the foundations for Fugger and Pimenta’s future practice both driven by a desire to tell a story in every picture they take, they managed to successfully create a recognizable style which combines identity, humor and emotional honesty through their own deliberate removal from all potential documentary content.


- Giulia Campaner



This series has been was shown in New York at Parasol Projects (2014), Porto in Palacio das Artes (2015), Munich at Burda Media (2015),  Lisbon at Galeria Garça Brandão (2015) and in London at (2015).

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