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[gone] MEXICO: Porto

[gone] project MEXICO is part of RAÍZES. A group exhibition exploring the fields of photography, drawing, textile, performance & installation which brings together five young artists; Anastasia Fugger, Carolina Pimenta, David Gonçalves, Janis Dellarte e Rezm Orah.

Through out the month, the artist will be taking over the space with programed performance & intervention as well as spontaneous performances during the week and weekends.

The exhibition will be opening on the 28th of March and will be showing until the 25th of April.

Palácio das Artes

Largo São Domingos 18



A beginning. A base. Strength.

A hidden landscape. An imaginary. What is unseen. An essence.

Individuals working collectively. Union. Growth. Life.

Here, in Palácio das Artes, this noble venue in a city reborn, we present a collaborative show consisting of five artists, all in the early years of their careers, and exhibiting works of photography, drawing, textile and performance.

This is also an opening into singular imaginaries that collectively create one unique landscape, fluidly constructed over the space of a month through progressive collaborations, invited artists and other events.

The work exhibited, although individual and visually different, has evolved side by side, and (just like the roots of a tree), it’s together and in parallel that it is presented, in a collective and dynamic growth that explores the intimacy between the artists, their work and the audience.

- Gonçalo Bettencourt


28th of March opening: Opening performance of RAÍZES accompany by musical PZ musical act.

4th of April: Rezm Orah Blood Moon Performance accompany by KIN musical act

11th of April: Performance musical de PZ and Ze Nando

18th of April: Video screening

25th of April closing: Closing performance of RAÍZES, with musical act.


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